Coming Soon!  Added Attractions at the Phoenix Gold Mine Tours!

We have opened these tunnels for limited tours to qualified folks. These tunnles are not ready for large groups or small children. Please keep in mind a lot of things can happen in opening up historical mines that no one has been in, in over 100 Years!

*Limited Tours to small qualified groups. Please call Al directly
for more information, reservations and prices. If he does not answer
the phone, leave a message, he will get back to you as soon as

There are two new tunnels to be opened on Trail Creek for our visitors enjoyment, at some point in the future! Alvin Mosch has been a very busy man, running the Phoenix and with any spare moment he may have or any volunteer with a spare moment, is working on the opening of the two new tours. With tons of work accomplished and even more to be completed, progress is coming along as scheduled. Click on the buttons below for a sneak peak of the Coming Attraction Tours! Keep an eye on this page for future announcements and more pictures on the progress of  The Union Mine and The Centurion Tunnel in the Champion Dirt Mine. See the USGS map for location of  later.  As the boys continue work on the two tunnels,  I will be sure and add a few Raw Ore Specimens to the Ebay Auctions, as soon as Al makes them available to me! Watch this page for any updates on our Ebay auctions coming from these two tunnels.