Hikes and Critters
At the Phoenix Gold Mine!
Hiking in the mountains of Colorado is always a relaxing way to relieve the week's stress. If you have had your fill of  panning and would still like to hang out for a while. Take the trail, up to the Little Albert Mine and the Kelly Mine. There is also a more strenuous hike above the Phoenix mine. Use of these trails are included in the price of admission to the tours as well as panning. Ask the attendant or your guide for directions to the trails. Please stay on the trails and never enter any old mine shaft. They are very dangerous places, unless they have been made safe for folks to visit. Children may not hike without parents. Though it is rare bears and mountains lions may be seen in this area. Other wildlife you may come across are: chipmunks, squirrels (ground and black), foxes, raccoons, snakes, rabbits, porcupines, birds, mice, deer and a few others native to this area. Please do not approach wildlife or pick wildflower. You are welcome to take all the pictures you wish, but leave nature as you found it for other visitors to enjoy.

A few pictures from the Summer of 2005! Jo A. Petit - Please do not steal my pictures!
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Fox 1 & Fox 2Ground Squirrels and Chipmunks  -  Stellar Jay

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